Getting the Best Results with XSplit VCam

It’s recommended that you recalibrate after you have selected a different camera or if you have changed its position and lighting source.

You can do this by clicking the menu icon, then select Help > Calibrate...

VCam works best when there’s a clear distinction between you and the background. Here are three things to take into consideration:

  • Have sufficient lighting in the room and the subject. It’s best to be in a room that’s not too dim and there’s enough lighting so VCam can easily scan you and the background.

  • Dark areas may not work well with VCAM’s live background removal, and will cause blurring and feathering around your figure.

  • The colors between you and the background should be different from each other so VCam can differentiate you and the background and make the necessary adjustments. VCam works best with more contrast.

This video may also help with that:

You can also check the Filter Settings to configure the quality of your camera and use GPU hardware processing option. Click HERE to learn more.