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Adding VCam to Video Chat Software

You’ll be able to add XSplit VCam as your camera on different video chat software such as Skype, Discord, Google Hangouts and WeChat.


Skype is a video chat, voice call and instant messaging application that can be used on computers and other devices.


Discord is a free VoIP application designed for video gaming communities, that specializes in text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a communication platform developed by Google which includes messaging, video chat, SMS and VOIP features.

WeChat for PC

WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment application developed by Tencent.

Viber for PC

Viber by Rakuten is a popular app to app free phone call and messaging service using your phone number.

Zoom for PC

Zoom is one of the leading video conference built for online meetings and project collaboration.

Slack for PC

Slack is a chat platform that’s optimized for small and large businesses. With multiple features for convenience and ease of access to comms and files, any team can benefit from adding Slack to their workflow.

GoToMeeting for PC

GoToMeeting is an online video conferencing application designed for real-time business collaborations with customers, clients, and colleagues.

Microsoft Teams for PC

Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one instant messaging, file sharing, and group video conference application integrated with Office 365.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco WebEx Meetings is the industry leader in online video conferencing that provides easy-to-use and secure group meetings.

Cisco WebEx Teams

Cisco WebEx Teams is an easy-to-use video conference software that allows instant messaging, file sharing, whiteboarding, voice calling, and more.