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Streaming and Recording


Setting up your stream

On the Account settings, select your preferred live streaming service and authorize your social account log in.

If no service is connected or if you want to change the live streaming service, you can also set it up by clicking the live streaming service icon next to the stream button and authorize your social login.

Note: If you’ve registered an XSplit account using a social login, you’re stream is automatically linked.

Starting a stream

There are 2 ways to start your stream or recording:

  1. On XSplit Gamecaster’s Studio.
  2. On the In-Game HUD.

Click the Stream button located at the bottom of the Studio.

If you want to start your stream directly in-game, go to your game window and press CTRL + Tab keys to open the in-game HUD, then click the Stream button located on the bottom-left corner of the HUD.


Click the Record button at the bottom of the Gamecaster Studio to start a recording. To end a recording, click the Stop button.

To start your recording in-game, go to your game window press CTRL + Tab keys to open the in-game HUD, then click the Record icon located at the bottom-right corner of the Studio.

Finding your recordings

To find where your recordings are stored, go to the Studio settings and in the Recording tab, look for the Directory to see the file path location. Click Change to change the file path.

Note: By default, XSplit Gamecaster automatically adjusts your settings based on your system specifications.

You can change this on your streaming and recording settings and set it from Automatic to Custom. In Custom, you can manually select the stream/recording resolution, video codec, frame rate, quality (for recording), bitrate (for streaming), and split recording.