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My Recordings

Managing your Recordings

  • To find where your recordings are stored, go to File > My Recordings.

  • Both local recordings and automatically recorded broadcasts will be found here.

You can rename your selected recording by clicking the pencil icon and delete selected recordings by clicking the trash icon.
The Open Folder button opens your recordings folder in the File Explorer.
The Express Edit button opens the Express Video Editor with your selected video.

Changing the File Location

  • Click on on the Locations bar and choose a folder for where your recordings will be stored.

Uploading Recordings to YouTube

  • Choose a recording that you want to upload, then click the YouTube icon at the bottom-right of the Recordings window.
  • An Upload Video to YouTube dialog will be shown.
  • Enter the details for your YouTube upload, then click UPLOAD NOW.

Sets the title that will appear on your uploaded video.
Sets the description that will appear on your uploaded video.
Sets the category of your video upload for organization and target audience.
Add tags to help users search for your uploaded video.
Choose whether the livestream is publicly visible, unlisted or private.
Allow an embed code for your video upload.

Sharing your Recordings

Clicking any of the social media icons lets you share a YouTube uploaded recording on their respective social media platforms.

Add link
Click to add the YouTube upload URL in the custom message field.
Game Check In
Allows you to tag a game you are currently playing on a Player.me post.
Post to
Select where you want to share your post whether on your own Facebook Timeline or on any of your pages that you are authorized.123
Facebook Privacy
Allows you to choose if your post is visible to the public, your friends or only you.

  1. Game Check In is only available if you are sharing to Player.me

  2. Post to and Facebook Privacy options will only be visible if sharing to Facebook.  

  3. Tweet character count will only be visible if sharing to Twitter