Enhanced Logging for XSplit Broadcaster

엑스플릿 브로드캐스터는 특정 오류 현상을 검토하기 위해 섬세한 사용 정보 기록을 하는 설정이 있습니다. These logs can be used by our support and development team to investigate and troubleshoot issues.

엑스플릿 브로드캐스터에서 향상된 기록 작성기능 적용하기

  1. 도구 에서 설정 선택.

  2. 고급탭 에서 기록 작성기능 향상을 클릭하세요.

  3. Recreate the issue you have been encountering then close and restart XSplit Broadcaster afterwards.

  4. Files will be generated in your XBC logs folder.
    You can view the logs folder by launching File Explorer then opening the following folder:

  5. Go to Help > Upload log files.

  6. Click Copy Link when the prompt appears after the log files have been uploaded. This will allow you to paste and send the files directly unto the Support Chat box.

More comprehensive logging can be enabled by adding the devdebug parameter in your XSplit Broadcaster shortcut as shown here.