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How does automatic mode for streaming work?

In automatic live streaming mode, XSplit Gamecaster will automatically determine what encoder to use and will select an appropriate resolution, frame rate and bitrate when you go live.

The default settings used for automatic mode streaming are:

  • Encoder: x264 (Best option for good quality at the lowest possible bitrate)
  • Resolution: Usually 540p or 720p; depends on ping time to the streaming provider’s server and bandwidth available
  • Bitrate: 1350kbps for 540p / 2300kbps for 720p
  • Frame rate: 30 FPS

Depending on your environment and your computer’s capabilities, automatic mode may change the default settings to best match your system's capabilities.

Automatic mode will evaluate your available bandwidth and set a lower resolution if your bandwidth is not sufficient for streaming at either 540p or 720p. It can also detect if your computer has a low amount of CPU power available and may change the encoder settings to use a hardware encoder instead of the x264 encoder. If you do not have a hardware encoder, automatic mode may instead lower your resolution to conserve CPU power.

Automatic mode is designed to give users convenience when it comes to determining the appropriate streaming settings. If you wish to know more about the details behind automatic streaming, please click here.