XSplit Logo

How do I add a custom watermark or logo to my live stream or recording?

Launch your PC game or open the console viewer and open the XSplit Gamecaster overlay then click on the Image icon to open the Image Overlay Tool (Note: You need to have a paid license in order to use this

Your image will initially be the XSplit Gamecaster logo. Hover over it with your mouse to see the image toolbar (it will appear either above or below the image) then click on the Replace Image icon on the far right:

From this window, you can choose your preferred image overlay as you would when going through Windows Explorer. Once you’ve selected your graphic, click on the ‘Replace Image’ button or double-click on your selected image:

And it will replace the XSplit Gamecaster logo:

Here's how it could look like in your game:

Please note that you can only add one Image Overlay. If you would like to display multiple items like social media, logos, or sponsors on the image, we recommend you combine these various items into one image using image editing software.