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Stream Sharing

You can announce your stream by posting to Facebook, Twitter and Player.me through XSplit Broadcaster.

  1. While livestreaming, go to Tools then click on Share my stream…

  2. Click on any of the social media icons to share to that platform.
    (You'll be prompted to authenticate your account if you haven't authorized any of them on your Account settings.)

  3. Click on any Add stream link icon to add a link to any of your active broadcasts.
    Game Check In allows you to tag a game you are currently playing on a Player.me post. 1
    Facebook Privacy lets you choose if your post is visible to the public, your friends or only you. 2
    There will be a tweet character count limit shown if you are sharing to Twitter.

  1. Game Check In is only available if you are sharing to Player.me. 

  2. Facebook Privacy options will only be visible if sharing to Facebook.