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Can I use XSplit Broadcaster for free?

Yes. You can use XSplit Broadcaster for free but there will be some restrictions as well as missing features.

XSplit Broadcaster with a Free License:

  • Content will be watermarked when you set a higher resolution than 720p and/or a higher framerate than 30 fps
  • Content cannot be used for commercial purposes
  • Presentations limited to a maximum of 4 scenes
  • No simultaneous broadcasting to multiple streaming platforms
  • Watermarked Virtual Camera feature
  • No access to the following features: Audio Source, Local Streaming, Stream Delay, Source Transitions, Projector, Preview Editor, Audio Mix Preview, Skype Video Camera and the Express Video Editor

XSplit License Feature Comparison

Number of scenes4Unlimited
Content: Games, Text, Multimedia, HTML, IP Camera etc
Thumbnail Scene Preview
Chroma Key
Scene Transitions
Source and Extension Plugins
Split Mode
Virtual CameraWith Watermark
Skype Video Camera
Audio Source, Local Streaming, Stream Delay
Simultaneous broadcasting to multiple stream services
Source Transitions
Preview Editor
Audio Mix Preview
ResolutionWatermark if > 720pUnlimited
Audio CodecAAC 96 kbps. mono
Capture Format and Maximum FPSMP4/FLV – 240 fps Watermark if > 30 fpsMP4/FLV – 240 fps
Upload and share videos with the Recording Manager
Professional grade software and hardware video encoding
Stream integration with Twitch, Hitbox, YouTube Live etc
Free software updates with professional customer support