In-Game HUD

XSplit Gamecaster V4’s In-Game HUD gives you the option to control your stream and recordings within your game window.

On your game app window, press the CTRL + Tab keys to access the In-Game HUD.

Note: The default keys can be changed on the app's Hotkeys settings

Stream Chat
Shows your chat for your current stream.

Stream Events
Show the events from the connected service (follow, subs, hosts, etc.)

Stream Info
Shows the status of the current streaming session and other details such as Stream Title, Game, time stream started, and viewers.

In-Game HUD Overview

Stage Controls
Allows you to Stream, Record, adjust your audio for System Audio and Microphone, and set your webcam device.

Displays the scenes from the current Set selected. Clicking on any of the scene will set the scene as your main screen in the Studio.

Pinned Widgets

This will allow you to pin widgets to be able to see it directly in-game. This is useful for keeping track of your chat, events, stream stats and stream status.

To pin a widget, open the Gamecaster In-game HUD, then click on Add Widget.

Click on the bar beside the widget to enable it.

The Pinned Widget window you enabled will appear.

You can move the widget by clicking on the window and drag it to the location you like.

You can resize the widget by selecting the widget by click and dragging the edge of the widget's window.

Clicking the gear icon opens up Fade Delay and Background Opacity options. Fade Delay determines the how long the widget will remain on screen before it disappears, while the Background Opacity sets the widget window's background trasnparency.

Click the x icon if you want to close the widget.