Automatic Recording

The objective of automatic recording mode in XSplit Gamecaster is to retain the original game resolution and record in a good standard quality while conserving CPU power.

The system/heuristics used to determine the setting for automatic mode recording is as follows:

Step 1: In automatic mode, XSplit Gamecaster always uses the original game resolution and 30 FPS as default parameters. A check is made to see if Quick Sync, NVENC or VCE hardware encoders are available. If any of these encoders are available, evaluated in the order previously mentioned, then the first available encoder is always used for recording to help minimize CPU usage. If a hardware encoder is available, no further settings are made.

Step 2: If no hardware encoder is available, the x264 software encoder with the "superfast" preset is selected. If the estimated/simulated total CPU usage is higher than 60%, the resolution is lowered from the original resolution to the next supported 16:9 resolution (720p , 540p , 480p, 360p) until it yields a total simulated CPU usage of less than 60% .

Some users who have big and powerful CPUs may wish to have high quality recordings that are also small in file size. To experiment with higher quality recordings, select original resolution and the adjust quality settings. Use x264 for the smallest file size but be aware that this may consume a lot of CPU power.