XSplit Gamecaster FAQ

What is XSplit Gamecaster and how does it compare to XSplit Broadcaster?

You can:

  • Live stream your game play on Twitch.tv and share it on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus
  • Record your gameplay and share it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus
  • Record in high quality resolutions for video editing  

You can do all of these from a simple user-interface that works directly inside your favorite game.

Using XSplit Gamecaster is the simplest way to create high quality game recordings and live streams. XSplit Gamecaster also provides a bridge for users who want to advance on to more technical broadcasting with XSplit Broadcaster.

While both XSplit Broadcaster and Gamecaster share the same technology, XSplit Gamecaster is designed for the gamer who wants to share their gameplay moments and XSplit Broadcaster is engineered for the more advanced and professional broadcaster.

We make your choice simple by offering one XSplit license that gives access to both XSplit products for as low as 14.95 USD for a 3 month personal license.

XSplit Gamecaster is a one-of-a-kind live streaming and recording application designed for both casual and hardcore gamers. It allows every gamer to live stream or record their gameplay without complicated setup and configuration.


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