Selecting a Camera Source in XSplit VCam

The Camera source selection in your XSplit VCam window lets you choose from the cameras that are currently connected to your computer.

Click on the dropdown arrow next to the Camera icon on top and select your camera device.

If your webcam is disconnected or it isn't detected, clicking the refresh icon will help refresh your webcam's signal. Make sure the webcam device you've selected on XSplit VCam is not being used by any other application.

All VCam features such as background removal and replacement will now be available to use with your selected source. It’s recommended that you recalibrate after you have selected a different camera or if you have changed its position and lighting source.

Changing Source Properties

  1. Click the gear icon on the Camera drop-down menu.

  2. The camera's properties window will be shown. Click OK once you're finished changing properties.