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The Whiteboard widget adds an interactive flash function that allows you to make annotations as an overlay.

Adding the Whiteboard source

  1. Go to Add source > General Widgets > Whiteboard.
  2. You will be prompted with a Right click to view instructions info display after adding the widget.
  3. Use the Left click button and drag to draw on the viewport.

Whiteboard Settings


Select which tool or drawing instrument you’ll use. Freehand is currently the only selectable tool available and by default.

Note: You can use the Shapes tool by holding the Shift button while drawing shapes.
Select the size of your marker line whether thin, normal, or thick.
Select the color of your marker line.
Clear Whiteboard
Lets you clear all of your scribbles on the viewport. This can also be done by pressing the Esc hotkey.

Use the hotkeys when the source is selected[^1]:

S – Press S key to toggle between sizes (Small / Medium / Large)

Shift – Hold “Shift” to use alternate tool Shapes : Freeform -> Shape Detect (circle, triangle, square, rectangle)

D – Press S to save current drawing.

Esc – Press Esc to clear whiteboard