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Periscope.tv is a social networking and video streaming service owned by Twitter. This broadcast output allows you to stream live video content to your Twitter profile feed.

Linking your Twitter account on Periscope

Before you can set up a broadcast to Twitter with Periscope, make sure that your Twitter account is already linked to your Periscope account. On the Periscope website, click on your profile picture and select Settings.

On the Settings menu, click Connect Twitter and enter your Twitter credentials.

If you don’t have a Periscope account yet, create a Periscope account using your Twitter login credentials. On the Periscope website, click on Sign Up and select Create New Account > Twitter.

Setting up the Periscope broadcast output

  1. Go to Broadcast > Set up a new output, then click Periscope.
  2. Click Authorize and log in your Periscope account.
  3. On the Periscope Authentication and Permissions prompt, select Log in.
  4. Authorize to complete your authentication.

Starting a Periscope broadcast

  1. Go to Broadcast and click the Periscope profile or output you have set.
  2. On the Periscope broadcast options, set the title for your broadcast and enable Tweet this broadcast. Click on Start broadcast to go live.

Resuming a previous Periscope broadcast

In the event that your broadcast is interrupted, you can continue your previous broadcast and resume the same Tweet live post.

  1. Go to Broadcast and click the same Periscope output you’ve previously streamed to.
  2. Select Resume previous next to Live Video, then Start broadcast.

Periscope Stream Properties

Your Periscope account, click the Authorize button and log in your account credentials.
Choose which server to use. The options will only be available based on your current network location.