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Extra Tricks

Here are some more tricks you can do with XSplit Broadcaster:

  1. You can switch between saved presentations while live, which is useful if you intend to use more than 12 scenes:

  2. You can use the preview editor to save and load custom scenes:

  3. Enabling the snap to grid feature in the view menu will enable you to easily align sources with each other:

  4. Another useful hidden feature is the ability to copy and paste sources. Select the sources you want to copy in the source list and press [Ctrl]+[C] then go to the scene you want to paste the sources and press [Ctrl]+[V].

  5. As a final tip, when running a broadcast, close as many unnecessary programs as possible, make sure to keep task manager open to monitor CPU and memory usage, always use a wired internet connection, and always remember to have fun streaming! 🙂