Primeros Pasos

Thank you for trying out XSplit VCam, the most powerful background replacement tool available!

Once you sign to XSplit VCam, you will be prompted to calibrate XSplit VCam. Calibrating XSplit VCam will improve the background replacement and lower CPU usage. Select the webcam you will be calibrating.


You are given the option to upload footage to XSplit to be used for future enhancements of the background replacement technology.

Once calibration is done you will be in the main XSplit VCam window.


In this menu you can adjust your camera’s video settings.


You can choose if you wish to remove or replace your background.


If you replace your background you can select from your images, from the unsplash image repository or use a webpage. image_4

If you have chosen to replace your background or keep your original background, you can apply a blur effect using the slider.

Now that you have you camera configured, you can add it as a video device to your software of choice. Below you’ll find some samples on how to do this

XSplit Broadcaster

Go to add source, then devices and select from the video devices section



Add a video capture device and select from the devices list



Go to settings, then Voice & Video section and select XSplit VCam as the camera in video settings.



Go to settings, then audio & video and select XSplit VCam as the camera.


Google Meet

When starting a meeting, select XSplit VCam as your camera.