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XSplit Express Video Editor is a standalone and easy-to-use video editing solution for Windows. It offers all the necessary features to quickly edit and save your recorded videos, without the complexities of the traditional video editing software in the market today.

The XSplit Express Video Interface

XSplit Express Video Editor Controls

This area shows the project's video resolution, current elapsed time/position (blue) and total duration of the imported videos.

You can skip and scrub frames using the mousewheel by clicking the elapsed time. Holding the CTRL and SHIFT buttons let you scrub seconds and minutes respectively.

Plays/pauses the video starting from the playhead’s location.
Move one frame back/forward on the timeline. Holding this moves the playhead faster.
Skip Back/Skip Forward
Skip back or foward to the beginning or end of the selected clip. If the selected video clip has [cuepoints](), it will skip to the previous or next cuepoint.

XSplit Express Video Editor Timeline

Can be dragged to scrub through the video and select parts where you want to split a specific clip.
Lets you identify key moments on your recordings for easy reference when editing. Click here to learn more about cuepoints.

XSplit Express Video Editor Menu Bar

File Menu

New Project
Starts a new XVE project.
Opens a saved XVE project.
Saves your current XVE project.
Save As
Saves your current XVE project under a new filename.
Import video files as a clip into the XVE project.
Exports and encodes the XVE project into a video file.
Export Clip
Exports and encodes the selected clip into a video file.
Log out
Logs out of the XSplit account currently in use.
Closes XSplit Express Video Editor.

Help Menu

Check for updates
Checks if your version of XSplit Express Video Editor is up to date.
Opens the XSplit Video Editor user manual webpage.
Shows the current version number of XSplit Express Video Editor and your account information.