Xsplit Broadcaster is a video mixing application that allows for unlimited creativity in creating live streams and recordings. While XSplit Broadcaster is primarily used to create gaming content, anyone can also use the application for just about any live or recorded production.

XSplit Broadcaster Window

Every time you log in to the XSplit program, you will be greeted by the XSplit Broadcaster window. Every essential action that allows you to build and arrange your content can be done from this window - from the menu bar to the sources list. Get to know its parts and what they do on our section on XSplit Broadcaster window.


Everything you build on XSplit Broadcaster is built as a presentation. Our section on Presentations will show you how to create, load, and recover presentations.


The stage is the visual representation of the sources added to a scene. Our section on the Stage will show you how to add and adjust sources, as well as change stage resolutions and workspace settings.


A scene is a collection of sources such as gameplay, overlay, and widgets. Multiple scenes allow you to easily access and present another set of sources across your presentation. Learn how to create, arrange, rename, and add transitions on our section on Scenes.

This manual will give you an in-depth guide on how to unleash the most out of XSplit Broadcaster's features.