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Team License Manager

With team licenses, you'll be able to manage and assign each license individually to different accounts. You can revoke each license as well and reassign them to a different account as needed.

If you want to start using team licenses, click here to open the Team License Manager then confirm that you want to use the account you are currently logged in as a team license manager.

Once your account is set as a team license manager, you will be able to access it quickly from the account pop-up by clicking on your name when you're signed in on the website.

Adding Team Licenses

You will need to add team licenses first if you have none available.

  1. Click the Add License button.

  2. Select the type and amount of license you want to add then click the credits button.

  3. Proceed with your purchase be clicking Buy Item.

After adding team licenses, you will be able to see the distribution of your licenses on the left.

Managing Team Licenses

You'll be able to assign, revoke and renew team licenses on the right side of the Team License Manager page.

To assign new licenses, enter the user's XSplit account email address then click the Assign button.

Revoke active licenses by clicking the Revoke button.

Renew expired licenses by clicking the Renew button.

You can also set licenses to auto-renew by clicking on this toggle.

Clicking Filter by will allow you to filter licenses by email address, status and auto-renewal setting.

Redeeming Team Licenses

If you've received a team license, you will receive a prompt after signing in on the website:

After clicking Accept, you will be able to see your updated license status on your Account Settings page.

If you already have an existing Premium License, you cannot accept this offer immediately. If you wish to avail of this offer, you will first have to change the e-mail of your currently licensed account, then sign up for another one using the same e-mail address.

Credits and Auto-Recharge

Since adding team licenses will require purchasing XSplit Credits, you will also need to have enough XSplit Credits for your team licenses automatically renew.

Setting your credits to Auto-Recharge will allow you to automatically maintain a balance of XSplit Credits. When you enable Auto-Recharge, you will be able to set the amount of XSplit Credits to be added, the threshold before you automatically get charged and the payment method where you will be charged such as a credit card or PayPal account.