XSplit Broadcaster Software Manual


Scenes are a collection of sources that are arranged in the XSplit Broadcaster mixer. You can see the scenes on the bottom right corner (Scene 1, Scene 2, etc.) and the scene sources on the bottom left. For Scene 1, the currently selected scene, the only source in it is a game:

Naming Scenes

To name a scene, select the scene you wish to name, and then click on the white text box above the list of sources. When you are finished naming the scene, simply click outside of the text box:

Source List

The source list allows you to see all sources in a scene, activate or deactivate sources, add sources, remove sources, and access a source’s menu. Checking or unchecking the box next to a source allows you to make a source appear or disappear, and also triggers source transitions. The arrows on the bottom left corner allow you to layer sources from top to bottom. Finally, you can rename a source by clicking on it in the source list and then doing an additional delayed click (this means to click on the name of a source, and, after about a second, click on it again):

Scene Transition

An effect can be applied to the transition from scene to scene. To change this transition effect, click on Transition on top of the Scene buttons:

And select the effect you desire (for example, Fade, Fan, etc.) or select None to cut between scenes:

The transition speed option at the bottom allows you to adjust the time between the transitions:

Once you have selected a transition and set a transition speed, you’ll see it in the Transition box:


Stingers are custom transition effects. You can create them by converting a  series of images or a movie file into a WebM file. To learn how to convert images or movie files into WebM files, click here. Once you have created the WebM file, place it in the “C:\Program Files (x86)\SplitMediaLabs\XSplit Broadcaster\XsplitBroadcaster” folder (or wherever you have installed XSplit), name it "transitionname_transitiontime.webm" where "transitiontime" denotes the playback time from the start of the file until the scene change takes effect, then start XSplit Broadcaster. You should now see the stinger in your transitions menu:

Note: We recommend you keep your total WebM play length to a maximum of 5 seconds and to encode the file using only IFrames.


If you have transitions that you would like to use in different scenes, you can add them to your list of Favorites.  To add a transition to the list, select your desired transition then click on the Favorites button to add it:

Now, when you want to use it as a transition, you’ll be able to select it from the list of Favorites:

It will also appear when you right click on a scene:

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