XSplit Broadcaster Software Manual


Each time you use XSplit Broadcaster, you are building a presentation. A presentation is a collection of scenes. And a scene is a collection of sources. A source can be your PC game, your capture card, an image you want to overlay on top of your game, or any object that you can add via Add Source.

To create a new presentation, save a presentation, or to load an existing presentation, click on File in the top left corner of the XSplit Broadcaster window and choose your desired action:

If you make changes to the current presentation then try to close XSplit Broadcaster, load a presentation, or make a new presentation, you will receive a prompt to save the existing presentation:

If you accidentally log out of XSplit Broadcaster and forget to save your presentation, you may still be able to retrieve it. Just login again and click on File and hold down [Shift] and click Load presentation:

And you will see a window that allows you to load a variety of archived presentations:

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