XSplit Broadcaster Software Manual

Plugin Store

The XSplit Plugin Store is where you can get Source Plugins (Image Slideshow, Whiteboard, Chat Viewers, etc.), Extensions (Per Scene Audio, Presentation Packager, etc.), and Output Plugins (Twitch, YouTube Live, Ustream, etc.).

Plugin Store Filters

The filters control what is shown in the XSplit Plugin Store. For example, if you choose only Outputs, you will only see Output Plugins:

If you choose a combination, for example you choose both Sources and Outputs, you will see all the Source and Output Plugins:

Plugin Search

If you want to search for plugins by their name, simply type in its name in the search box and click on the search button and you will see the results:

Rating Plugins

To rate a plugin, simply double click on its button in the plugin store and scroll down its description and click on rating:

Then type in a review if you want to add one and click Submit:

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