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Setting up a Recording

XSplit Broadcaster’s recording feature is found in the Broadcast menu and is called “Local Recording.” Right-clicking on local recording or clicking on the gear icon beside it will open its configuration window:

This is the Local Recording configuration window:

There are a variety of options to consider when configuring your local recording settings:

  1. Codec: Depending on your hardware, you can either use the standard X.264 codec (which uses more CPU) or a variety of hardware codecs (NVIDIA’s NVENC, AMD’s VCE, Intel’s QuickSync, Avermedia’s H.264) that have a lower CPU cost.
  2. Quality: The higher the quality, the larger the file size and higher CPU usage for X.264.
  3. Audio Encoding: For this, we generally recommend you use AAC LC HQ, 128 kbps bitrate, and 44.1 KHz stereo format.
  4. Output: We recommend using mp4. You can also choose to split your files by either file size or time.
  5. Force Constant Frame Rate: We recommend you keep this option checked if you plan to use your XSplit recordings with 3rd party video editing programs.
  6. Optimize for YouTube: Optimizes encoder settings in accordance with YouTube’s recommended upload encoding settings.